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Fat Cat


Puppet making



Mask making                                                                                                                                      

Drama/Make a play                                                                                                                                          


A popular and inspiring workshop for all ages. Make your own puppet from various materials including fabric, fake fur, card, paper, etc


You can even put on your own play afterwards with a little help from Jane the puppeteer


Most materials used can be supplied by schools thereby saving on the cost of the workshop


Minimum two hours per group










Drama provides a fantastic opportunity for team building and working together  


Work with an experienced drama teacher and gain confidence whilst having lots of fun


This is a fun workshop which all children love - even the most shy children respond and come out of their shell when they work with Jane. She has infinite patience and kindness and brings out the best in children


If you choose make a play then the possibilities are endless. The participants create their own performance and also make and design the props, puppets and programmes                                          

FOR AGES 4-18 

Make your own mask from different materials - card, tissue paper, paint, wool, fake fur


Natural materials are used in the construction of African masks - mud and grass, for example


Giant masks are a popular choice


Minimum one hour per group

Most workshops can run from 2 hours to a few days depending on time and resources

Please contact us for a quotation



Create your own fake wounds - from burns, bruises, cuts and grazes to partially severed limbs


We provide all the makeup and also teach you how to make your own fake blood and skin


We also offer advanced face painting workshops


Please take a look at the special fx makeup gallery for more images


Minimum 2 hours








Special effects/casualty makeup                                                                                                                                          

 FOR AGES 6-18

Wow - a chance to star in your own movie!


The participants will devise their own film and shoot it. They can even learn how to create special makeup effects (see above)


All equipment is supplied


Minimum one day


Make your very own rainforest complete with trees, hut, snakes and monkeys


Or what about your own farm


Or moonscape or the Antarctic - or whatever you want!


Lead by a professional model maker the participants learn how to use clay, card, paper and wire


Minimum two hours

Model making                                                                                                                                          

Movie making                                                                                                                                    

FOR AGES 4 - 9

Learn all about monkeys in a fun workshop. The children get to meet and chat with different monkeys from around the world. Jane also teaches everyone how chimpanzees communicate - from facial guestures to grunting and jumping in an energetic drama workshop. We end the session by making our own monkey masks


Jane has spent time working with primates in Cameroon and brings her own personal experiences to this wonderful workshop. Not to be missed


Running time 2 hours





Funky Monkey Drama workshop

FOR AGES 4 - 9 

You can either blast off into space or go on safari to Africa

The first part of this creative workshop is spent getting ready for the adventure: making special items for the journey. Binoculars and cameras, etc for the safari or space passports and mini rockets etc for our trip to space


The second half of the workshop is drama-based. We go on our exciting missions with Jane as our tour guide. We will meet exciting creatures along the way (Jane's puppets) - space aliens, monkeys, elephants!


Running time 2 hours

Blast Off! and On Safari drama  workshops                                                                                                                  

Cultural days and History days


Become a Maasai warrior for the day. Or how about living like a Tudor for 2 days?


These drama and making workshops provide fantastic opportunities for children to experience another culture/moment in history


By creating their own props and putting together a performance the children get a real feel of what it is like to live in a different time or culture


Popular choices: The Maasai, The Baka people of Cameroon, Tudors, WW2


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